Philippines, floods and landslides caused by deforestation

Filippine devastanti alluvioni e frane causa disboscamento 300x200 Filippine, frane e alluvioni causate dal disboscamento

Philippines, the disaster of floods caused by deforestation

The victims of the enormous tragedy weather-climate that hit the Philippines far exceeds 1,000 units. Meanwhile, scientists argue that the extent of the damage is probably due to climate change and deforestation  

traripato i fiumi e gli abitanti di numerosi villaggi sono morti di una morte tragica colpiti dai tronchi degli alberi sradicati o per annegamento. On the Friday before Christmas, the storm Sendong has caused 12 hours of continuous rain on the island of Mindanao. Traripato They s rivers and the inhabitants of many villages died a tragic death affected by the trunks of trees uprooted or by drowning.

The country's president said the situation is dramatic, storms and floods affecting over 338,000 people in fact in 13 provinces. Based on what has happened so far, 2011 will prove to be probably the worst year for storm damage.

Speaking of the disaster, President Aquino has expressed concern that the situation has deteriorated possibly due to violation of the prohibition of registration.

Several experts expressed the view that the scale of the disaster is caused mainly by heavy deforestation that has plagued the Philippines for decades. Tropical forests in most of the area affected by landslides and floods, have been cleared to grow pineapples.

Here is what sustains one of the many priests who work in the area for years and are currently engaged in rescue operations. "If the tropical forests of the region had remained intact, even 12 hours of continuous rain did not cause a similar disaster. The coverage that create tropical forests do not let the rain fall directly on the ground and trees absorb the water. "

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